The resulting coating is characterized by high adhesion(tens of megapascals against units of electric arc spraying technology) and works as an excellent base for paint and varnish covering. The combined coverage has protective properties that provide a successful, long time exploitation of the metal construction on which it is applied, in a rather aggressive environment(high humidity, exposure to sea, etc.)


The equipment used by the company is mobile and designed to work at an open construction sites, so the works can be performed at the customer`s site, without disassembling of the large-sized metal structures


Thermo-abrasive cleaning of the metal surfaces prior to the application of the before mentioned coverage is the most effective of all currently used. In the combustion chamber of a supersonic apparatus, which is an important part of the working unit, particles of abrasive material are accelerated in a gas flame to supersonic speed and heated to a sufficiently high temperature, which allows to completely get rid of moisture and organic elements, contained not only in the abrasive and the air jet, but also in the treated surface. Cleaning of a contaminated or rusted surface is carried out with a high energy impact on a corroded or contaminated layer in conditions of low oxygen content, which allow the subsequent application of a protective coating. Cleaning is carried out to the level Sa3(ISO 8501) in accordance with ГОСТ 9.402-04


An important part of this technology is that the cleaning and the anti-corrosive treatment of the surface is done with the same equipment, which ensures both speed and the high-quality. The operator only changes working modes with a special tumbler-switch. This makes it possible to cover cleaned surface immediately, thus avoiding oxidation and contamination that may arise while waiting for the next production procedure. Thus, the technological cycle itself provides conditions for obtaining high-quality characteristics of the protective anti-corrosive layer, the thickness of which can be adjusted in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

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