Through the use of  innovative technology, deep cleaning and anti-corrosion treatment is now easier, faster and better. The main thing is that all this can now be carried out right at the customer’s site without the costly dismantling of massive metal structures. The patented  technology is based on the method of supersonic gas-dynamic spraying and thermo-abrasive cleaning of surfaces, known since the end of the last century. Now the laboratory experiments have been replaced by high-quality technology brought to perfection. The essence of the method lies in the fact that the coating - zinc, copper or aluminum, which is initially present in the dry mixture, is sprayed onto the surface of the workpiece in the composition of the gaseous medium.


It is optimal to use this technology in those situations when a zinc, copper or aluminum layer must be applied on a large-sized objects that cannot be handled by other methods, such as traditional hot-dip galvanization or electroplating, which in both cases requires special tub in a stationary production workshop.


Coating a metal object with zinc, copper or aluminum, using this method goes as follows: particles of melted metal hit the treated surface and create a thin protective layer with a less than 1% porosity. The anticorrosive resistance of the coating fully complies with ГОСТ 9.307-89, ГОСТ 9.304-89, depends on the material and thickness of the coating, and can perform a protective function for up to 50 years.

Removing paint

Corrosion cleaning


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